The months leading up to your renewal are an opportunity to identify your future plans and ensure that the new term you negotiate supports your goals.

Though your current lender will likely provide their renewal offer 30 to 60 days prior to your maturity date, we recommend reviewing your options 4 to 6 months in advance. In reviewing your options early, our office can make recommendations to ensure that you receive the best interest rate and terms upon renewal.

Success favours the prepared!

Our office can secure an interest rate and approval to switch lenders up to 120 days prior to maturity. Even if you have not received your renewal offer yet, securing an approval to switch lenders as early as possible will help hedge against the potential of rising interest rates. If interest rates decrease prior to your maturity date, we can request a rate drop to ensure that you obtain the improved rate. Once you receive your renewal offer from your current lender, our office will review the offer and make a recommendation on the most financially savvy decision; renewing with your current lender or switching lenders at maturity.

It is not uncommon upon renewal for lenders to offer their posted rates rather than best discounted rates, so preparing to switch lenders at renewal may be to your benefit.


Though securing a lower interest rate is the most common reason for switching lenders, our office also carefully evaluates the terms to ensure that it is the most suitable mortgage and aligns with your goals.

Prepayment options, portability, sales clauses, availability of additional products in the future, and much more are considered. If you have made accelerated payments or any prepayments during the term, you may also have the opportunity to extend your amortization period for payment relief if desired. As a further incentive to switch lenders at maturity, a majority of lenders cover the costs associated with transferring your mortgage. Unlike working with a bank branch or lender directly, our office does not have a vested interest in you spending more money. Our goal is to secure the most suitable, lowest cost mortgage for you.

How our client saved by switching lenders at maturity:

Though his maturity date wasn’t until 12/30/2022, the client contacted our office well in advance. On 09/02/2022, we secured an approval to switch lenders at an interest rate of 4.59%. On 10/07/2022, his current lender issued their renewal offer of 4.79% so it made sense to proceed with switching lenders.

Renew with Existing Lender

Mortgage – $196,017.78

(5 Year Fixed of 4.79%, 19 Years & 11 Months
Amortization, APR of 4.85%)

Monthly Payment – $1266.07
Balance at Maturity – $162,731.84

Switch to New Lender

Mortgage – $196,017.78

(5 Year Fixed of 4.59%, 19 Years & 11 Months
Amortization, APR of 4.59%)

Monthly Payment – $1249.65
Balance at Maturity – $162,427.96

Savings Over Term: $1289.28


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5 stars doesn’t do Corinna and Lisa justice. They went above and beyond for me throughout the entire mortgage process. I can’t thank them enough for all their help!

I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great customer service experience!


M. Shannon, June 2022


I recommend 100% if looking to sell / buy or refinance. Corinna and Lisa have made the process so easy in purchasing a new home. Very professional and quick replies when having any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated.


C. Sirois, May 2022


I cannot thank Corinna and Lisa enough! Not only do they make sure everything is in order right from the minute you start working with them, but they keep you updated every step of the way. I was completely new to how the process worked with refinancing my home, Lisa was patient and so knowledgeable, answering all of my questions in great detail and in a timely manner. I recommend the mortgage advisors to anyone in need of this type of service, you will not be disappointed. Many thanks to all the work that was done for us to make this happen!


B. Lefebvre, January 2022


I honestly don't think that Corinna and her team could make this process any easier. This was the first time that we have ever used a Mortgage Broker and in the future we will use nothing but.

Any questions that we had were answered thoroughly and all mortgage options were explained in detail. Unlike a bank we were made to feel as though we were wanted as a client and that our opinions were valued. Thank you again for all our assistance and see you in 5 years.


N. Brown, November 2017